Hi – I’m Dan Pearcy and I’ve enjoyed teaching maths for the last 14 years. I started as a Teach First participant in Greater Manchester before my wife dragged me away from the UK to teach in international school settings, first in Brazil and now Switzerland. I was a Head of Mathematics and a part of Senior Leadership for the last 6 years, but after an abrupt school closure I decided to take the opportunity to get back into the classroom full-time; a decision which I am truly ecstatic about.

As a Dad of a 3 year old toddler and 5 month old baby, I spend most of my time pretending to be a pet cat (why does it always have to be a cat?), a monster or a wizard, changing nappies, reading the tiger who came to tea, and all other incredible – and exhausting – elements of parenthood.

A few additional things:

  1. Education: Mathematics Degree (Leeds University); Masters in Education (Durham University)
  2. I recently published a book called Mathematical Beauty: What is it and can anyone experience it?
  3. I work as a visiting presenter on the Durham University iPGCE teacher training programme.
  4. I’ve ran the Swiss Group of International Schools Maths Conference for the last 3 years.
  5. I’ve authored geogebra applets for Kognity online textbooks.
  6. I make online videos for one of the IB Diploma courses at InThinking.

Recent speaking engagements 2019-2020:

  • September 2019: Edinburgh Maths Conf – A Deep Analysis of the Inquiry vs Explicit Instruction Debate
  • November 2019: Durham iPGCE Maths Trainees – 7 Myths about Maths Education
  • January 2020: Swiss Maths Conf – Mixed Methods Teaching
  • May 2020: #MathsChatLive discussion with Atul Rana, Mark McCourt, Emma McCrea and Anne Watson.
  • June 2020: Virtual Maths Conf – Ideas and Tasks to Promote Awe, Wonder and Pleasure (Surprising Practice)
  • July 2020: Seneca Virtual Maths Conference – Introducing Pedagogy Prompts
  • September 2020: Interview with Bobby Seagull for the Institut le Rosey Bookfete.
  • October 2020: Virtual Maths Conf – Pedagogy Prompts

For speaking engagement/workshops – please contact me at dpearcy@isl.ch