Prompt 7: Interior Angles of Polygons

1. How do you introduce finding the interior angle sum of any polygon? Would you start with a formula and pick it apart? Build a formula together? or do you do it differently? i.e. through generating the sequence and finding the nth term as in cell 4? Would you have students “discover” for themselves through an investigation or inquiry?

2. Do you relate interior angles of polygons to a “real world” problem or context?

2. Would you consider not introducing a formula and only encouraging students to split polygons into triangles and/or quadrilaterals?

3. Which method do you think is the easiest for students to grasp? Is there a circumstance in which you would only explicitly teach this one method and nothing else?

4. In Cell 4, do you give “geometric” names to different formats of the formula? Do you utilise functions derived earlier in school maths to discuss new concepts such as domain and asymptote?

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